Submitting a dossier

Each issue of the journal includes a dossier composed of an introductory text and 4 to 5 original contributions that have never been published previously nor submitted simultaneously to another journal.


Submission of a dossier

Each dossier project must be approved in advance by our editorial board. A detailed pitch must be sent to the editors (redaction.droitetsociete[at] accompanied by a project summary.

This proposal is shared with the members of the editorial board for their agreement in principle.

If accepted, the coordinator(s) of the dossier must send the articles to the editorial office according to the schedule defined.

Contributions will be then evaluated anonymously by two referees (including at least one member of the editorial board).

Consult our evaluation and copyright policies:

If the dossier is accepted, the two referees will monitor the dossier in conjunction with the editors. 

Once articles are definitively accepted for publication, the authors, having taken the evaluators’ observations into consideration, will send, via email, their final manuscript to the editorial office.

Average evaluation period: 3 to 4 months

Average time from manuscript acceptance to publication: 6 to 12 months.


Content of the dossier:

The dossier consists of: 

  • an introductory text
  • 4 to 5 articles

It is absolutely imperative that authors respect the character limit for manuscripts:  a maximum of 50,000 characters* per article (depending on the number of texts planned); the total dossier cannot exceed 250,000 characters* (including the introductory text).

* including spaces, footnotes, and bibliographic references

Texts must respect the submission guidelines.


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