[Vient de paraître] « In the Realm of Corona Normativities. A Momentary Snapshot of a Dynamic Discourse »

Vient de paraître In the Realm of Corona Normativities. A Momentary Snapshot of a Dynamic Discourse dirigé par Werner Gephart dans la collection « Rechts als Kultur » (Vittorio Klostermann, 2020).

Avec les contributions de : Martin Albrow (Londres), Gianmaria Ajani (Turin), Upendra Baxi (Delhi), Pierre Brunet (Paris), Marta Bucholc (Warschau/Bonn), Jacques Commaille (Paris), Maurizio Ferraris (Turin/Paris), Thomas Dreier (Karlsruhe), Alexander Filippov (Moscou), Markus Gabriel (Bonn), Mariacarla Gadebusch-Bondio (Bonn), Peter Goodrich (New York/Abu Dhabi), Matthias Herdegen (Bonn), Richard Münch (Bamberg), Caroline Okumdi Muoghalu (Nigeria), Masahiro Noguchi (Tokyo), Greta Olson (Gießen), Hamadi Redissi (Tunis), Raja Sakrani (Bonn), Joachim Savelsberg (Minneapolis), Martin Schermaier (Bonn).

Corona Normativities provides a series of snapshots of thepandemic experience. As this phenomenon is global in nature, the contributors come from all over the world. Fellows, both past and present, and researchers from various disciplines, are associated with the Käte Hambur-ger Center “Law as Culture”. They share the convictionthat the normative dimension of social life plays a specialrole in the pandemic experience: just as in archaic societiesthe observance of rules of purity were seen as a means ofattaining salvation, the observance of hygiene rules has become the decisive means of healing the world from the evil of Covid-19. The constitution of this normative regimen and this belief in regulation in a state of emergen-cy is of specific interest as a particular type of a pandemicvalidity culture. In what way does it reflect the gruellingnormative rhythm that oscillates between freezing social life and opening it up but without relief and with a per-sisting basic mood of insecurity? Scrutiny of the crisis andits normative dynamics are key to better understanding the pandemic.The contributors to this timely volume desist from the non-sensical disputation of medical expertise, and emphasizethe inherent dynamics of moral, legal, ethical, convention-like rules, as well as mores and manners, in the weird anduncanny realm of the normative.

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