Submission guidelines

Article submissions to Droit et Société must be sent via email to the editorial assistant ( for evaluation.

Texts must be original, not previously published, and must not be under consideration by another journal.

Book reviews should be addressed to Géraldine Doité (

Authors whose manuscript has been accepted for publication cede the copyright to the Association Droit et Société, the proprietor of the journal. This copyright extends to all subsequent publication, regardless of the medium. A later publication would require express authorization from the journal’s editorial board. Articles are not remunerated.

Manuscripts for the “Studies” rubric

The text should be accompanied by the following elements:

  • the title of the article in English,
  • a summary in French and in English (800 to 850 characters each, spaces included),
  • approximately 5 keywords (in each language) to facilitate identification of the article’s content,
  • the author’s or authors’ brief bibliobiography,
  • the postal address (preferably institutional, otherwise private) of the corresponding author,
  • the email address of the author(s).

The article should have a short meaningful title and clearly hierarchical headings.

Manuscripts for the other rubrics

These guidelines should also be followed for manuscripts intended for the “Special Report” and “Current Debate” rubrics. For the “On the Subject of…” rubric, summaries and keywords are not required.

Manuscript length

It is absolutely imperative that authors respect the character limit for manuscripts:

  • for “Special Reports,” 50,000 characters* per article (depending on the number of contributions planned); the total dossier cannot exceed 250,000 characters* (including the dossier’s introduction);
  • for “Studies,” between 40,000 and 60,000 characters* maximum;
  • for “Current Debate,” between 35,000 and 60,000 characters* maximum;
  • for “On the Subject of…,” 30,000 characters* maximum;
  • for “Book Reviews,” 8,500 characters* maximum.

* spaces, footnotes, and bibliographic references included

Footnotes and bibliographic references

Bibliographic references must be placed in footnotes using the following style:

  • for a book: Philippe WARIN, Les dépanneurs de justice. Les « petits fonctionnaires » entre qualité et équité, Paris : LGDJ, coll. « Droit et Société. Série politique », 2002 ;
  • for a journal article: Jacques CHEVALLIER, « Doctrine juridique et science juridique », Droit et Société, 50, 2002, p. 103-119 ;
  • Michel van de KERCHOVE, « Les avatars de la loi belge de défense sociale : le changement dans la continuité », Déviance et société, 34 (4), 2010, p. 485-502.
  • for a book chapter : Bruno JOBERT, « Les nouveaux usages du droit dans la régulation politique », in Jacques COMMAILLE, Laurence DUMOULIN et Cécile ROBERT (dir.), La juridicisation du politique. Leçons scientifiques, Paris : LGDJ, coll. « Droit et Société. Recherches et Travaux », 2000, p. 125-134.

When citing a source, the page number of the excerpt should be indicated.

Figures and tables

These must be numbered and indicate in the text where they should be inserted. Table titles and figure legends should be clearly indicated.

Article accepted for publication

Once an article is definitively accepted for publication, the author will send the final manuscript, after revisions and responding to referees’ comments, via email to the editorial assistant.

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